‘Better than Nate Diaz’ Conor McGregor reacts to Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis

Conor McGregor at UFC 285 in March | Credit: IMAGO/ ZUMA Wire by Louis Grasse.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis turned in one of the worst fights of the year at Misfits Boxing: The PRIME Card this Saturday.

Conor McGregor crony Dillon Danis basically refused to box Logan Paul and attempted to turn it into an MMA or grappling match several times. Finally getting DQ’d for trying (and failing) take down Paul and then taking a swing at a security guard who came in the ring to break it up.

It made for entertaining (if disgraceful) spectacle but wasn’t at all good sport.

Conor McGregor was actually a fan of Paul vs. Danis

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IMAGO | USA TODAY by Astrid Pedersen

Most of the reaction Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis was negative, but there was at least one positive response. That came from Conor McGregor, the former two-division UFC champion and teammate of Danis. For the ‘Notorious‘ one, Danis did well despite his loss to Paul.

In a pair of since-deleted tweets (H/T Dan Hiergesell of MMA Mania), McGregor had this to say of Danis‘ performance.

“I was impressed by [Dillon Danis],” tweeted McGregor. 

“I’ll tell you what,” tweeted McGregor. “It was better than Nate Diaz doing anything. That was a show!”

McGregor might be taking shots at former rival Nate Diaz — against whom he went split a pair of extremely popular and lucrative UFC bouts in 2016. The rubber match is still out there and is something both fighters and even (kinda sorta) Dana White have expressed interest in.

McGregor then responded to what Paul said in his post-fight interview, which included some surprising revelations of what he was going through mentally during the pre-fight harassment him and his fiancee, Nina Agdal, faced from Danis.

“Are you not entertained! I was impressed, good shots, [Danis] needs to believe in his shots more and more and let them go, some of them were alright,” said McGregor in a now-deleted voice note (H/T Happy Punch). Some of them he was throwing were alright, he just needed to let them go a bit more.

“What did your man do anyway, he didn’t even wobble him, he didn’t even hurt him, you little fool,” continued McGregor. “You were in a dark spot? Guess what mate, you’re back in a dark spot now, back into the locker room…thinking about all the s—t you’ve been going through. You’re still in a dark spot, bro. You’ve done nothing! You’ve done nothing!”

Conor McGregor may have deleted this voice note, but here it is.

Conor McGregor wants in on crossover boxing again?

Prior to Conor McGregor hitting send on those tweets, Logan Paul was already sending his own shots at the Irishman.

“Hey, Conor McGregor, you see that?,” said Paul in his post-fight interview. “I took your b—h, put him on a leash and took him for a walk. Who’s the real fighter now, bro?”

“Maybe [I’ll box] if Conor McGregor wants to stand up for his b—h, I’ll face him next here,” said Paul. “Is that little leprechaun here? Where you at Conor? He abandoned Dillon just like Marcelo, just like Savannah and just like Scott Coker.”

Logan Paul after his fight with Dillon Danis.

Based off what McGregor had to say about his performance, Paul doesn‘t appear to be on his radar. But another boxer from the Misfits Boxing: The PRIME card is.

mcgregor ksi

“Ya know what. Me and KSI is an exciting fight,” said McGregor in a since-deleted tweet. “A juicy nixer I used to call them back when I was a plumber now I’m on the lambo yacht he’s in a huracan.”

That would definitely make for lucrative spectacle.

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