Brawl breaks out as Dillon Danis attempts to choke Logan Paul unconscious

There was a significant amount of anticipation leading into the co-main event at the Misfits Prime Card and for good reason. Logan Paul and Dillon Danis had bad blood ahead of their bout and it all spilled over into the ring on fight night.

Danis had been insufferable in the build-up and Logan Paul promised to make him pay for his verbal attack on his wife, Nina Agdal; who was in attendance. All the cards were stacked against the jiu-jitsu specialist

‘The Maverick’ made the walk first, accompanied by his brother Jake Paul. ‘El Jefe’ entered second, and despite tensions being high the two seemed composed as Michael Buffer announced the pair.

Logan Paul during the brawl after the match

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The clash got off to a surprisingly composed start, as Logan popped his opponent with a number of jabs to the head and body. Danis was showing some decent defense but the volume from the YouTube star began to take over and his shots began landing.

Logan Paul comfortably took the first round as the MMA fighter barely threw any significant strikes. Although he gave up the round, it looked like Danis’ game plan was to tire his challenger out.

Fans quickly became restless with the two fighters as there wasn’t much action midway through the second round. As the second round was coming to an end, Logan found the mark and rained down a barrage of strikes to both the body and head that hurt his foe. The general consensus was that the Prime Hydration co-founder was up by two rounds to none.

Not much to tell from the third round and similar to the earlier rounds, it seemed Danis’ lack of strikes cost him yet again. The only significance taken from the halfway point is Logan’s punishing body shots which have found a home all night.

Dillon Danis was much more alive at the start of the fourth round, connecting with two huge hooks early on. However, as time went on, he began fading and was once again overwhelmed by strikes. 4-0 Logan.

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While he hasn’t delivered any huge shots, Logan was dominating this one from bell to bell. The fifth saw the entertainer begin showboating, essentially trolling the internet troll. Again, nothing of any significance happened and it was likely 5-0. Danis needed a finish in the final round.

More of the same took place in the sixth until Dillon Danis sensationally attempted to wrestle his opponent to the ground, though his attempt was unsuccessful. Danis was beaten for the rest of the round before he jumped a guillotine on Logan Paul, once again failing to lock it in.

Security stormed the ring and brought an end to the fight. Logan rightfully walked away with a one-sided victory, though it was announced as a disqualification win for the Impaulsive podcast host.

Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Brawl Video

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