Expectations For 'UFC 5' After Playing The Beta Version

UFC 5 from EA Sports is set to release worldwide on October 27 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X for $69.99. The last UFC game came out over three years ago, so fans look forward to seeing what has been improved. 

On September 20, EA Sports shared people codes for the upcoming game to get fans’ feedback and make fixes before the final version. I was able to play hours of the beta, and I was able to get an understanding of some of the differences from the previous game. 

It’s also worth noting that some of the features that will be in the final cut weren’t in the EA Sports UFC 5 beta. It only allowed fans to play with a few fighters from the UFC middleweight division. 

As the final release is almost upon us, here are some of my expectations for EA Sports UFC 5 after playing the beta. 

It’s time!

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Striking Is Going To Be A Lot Better Than Previous Games 

One of the significant things I noticed when playing the beta was that the striking was better than any game from the EA Sports UFC series. The striking was also more straightforward and effective, which I think will make for a fun experience for hardcore and casual fans. 

There were moments when I threw a one-two and finished with an elbow for the combination. While the striking is more manageable and smoother, there is still some strategy for fighting your opponents. Like in past games, players must be cautious not to waste their stamina by throwing punches or kicks. Another feature is that cuts and damage on certain parts of the body will make you take your defense seriously to avoid getting the fight stopped. 

Transitions on The Ground Are Smoother In EA Sports UFC 5

The newest game improves the grappling system by following the same mechanics from EA Sports UFC 4. Players will still have to flick their analog stick in specific directions offensively or defense to transition on the ground. What’s new is there are new animations on the ground to make it look smoother and a different submission system. 

Players must be mindful of their stamina, as it could make it easier for your opponent to get the better of you on the ground. I found myself in trouble when I was taken down, and I tried to move to a specific position, but my opponent kept blocking it. My stamina was depleted, making it more challenging to stand up. 

UFC 5: Overhead view of the Octagon

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EA Sports UFC 5 Will Be Easier To Pick Up And Play For Casual Fans

One thing that will make EA Sports UFC 5 more appealing is that it is simple enough for casual fans to pick up and play. The striking being more accessible to handle will help fans who want to stand and try to go for a knockout. The transitions on the ground are simpler than last year, giving a fair chance for people who wish to grapple or get back to their feet. 

While it is easier for casual fans, hardcore fans will still be able to be competitive. The striking being more fluid made me try to create different combinations. The grappling on the ground will still require fans to be considerate for not spamming moves to avoid getting blocked by your opponent. I think EA Sports UFC 5 has a new balance for both fanbases, making the game enjoyable. 

UFC 5: Bring it!

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Overall Expectations

I love what I played from the beta and look forward to the final version. I wished I had seen the entrances for the fighters, which I hope will have more real songs and less generic themes. What has bothered me is that Conor McGregor in EA Sports UFC 4 would come out to a generic music and not his signature “Hypnotize” song from The Notorious B.I.G. Hopefully, we’ll see more accurate entrances from fighters in the upcoming game.

Overall, EA Sports UFC 5 has the potential to be the best of the series. Although, I’ll have to wait and see how the final version is in a few days. 

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