Ian Machado Garry Names Two Former UFC Titleholders In His Firing Line After 'Doing Whatever The F*ck He Wants' To Vicente Luque

Throughout his entire pro career, Ian Machado Garry has never been short on self confidence.

Whilst that can put a target on his back in the UFC, it’s working out pretty well for him so far with being able to call his own shots.

At UFC 296, the Irishman is back in action searching for his seventh consecutive win in the UFC when he faces the #9-ranked Vicente Luque.

During an appearance on the Anik & Florian podcast, the fans wanted to know if Machado Garry has a particular target route in mind for his path to title title.

Instead, he named multiple options that would make sense for him should he beat Luque on December 16, suggesting the likes of Stephen Thompson, and two former title holders in Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman as potential opponents in the future. 

“Here’s the thing, anybody who’s ranked above me, anybody whose number when I finish that fight is ranked higher than me is an opponent and it just has to see. Right, we sit there and we look at it. I’ve called Wonderboy out, he said no to me multiple times. Is the UFC Dublin card gonna manifest? Can we put me and Wonderboy on a main event in UFC Dublin in front of the Irish crowd and bring it back to Dublin, Ireland? Why not. 

“If Colby goes out there and gets starched by Leon, who is he gonna fight next? Let me go in there and thump the mouth off him. You’ve got Usman who’s just come off of a loss against Khamzat, why not give me him? Go out there and it’s like alright, Khamzat couldn’t finish him, watch what I’ll do to him. Anybody that’s above me, they’re all opponents.”

Ian Machado Garry Lays Out His Plans For His Return Against Vicente Luque At UFC 296

Before the surging 25-year-old can start talking about potential main events against former title challengers and world champions, he must first make his mark on the top ten rankings.

After a year away from the cage, Luque returned in August this year, where he defeated Rafael Dos Anjos over five rounds to announce his comeback.

Despite the pedigree that the 20-fight UFC veteran brings to the table, Machado Garry is confident that he will once again prove that he is levels ahead of his opponent.

As a bit of a gym-hopping nomad, the Irishman told Anik and Florian that he intends to finish up his training in the UK shortly before heading to Brazil, where he will work specifically on his grappling ahead of this match-up.

“I’m going to spend a month with Demian Maia, improving my Jiu-Jitsu, working on fundamentals and just fixing and growing and learning Jiu-Jitsu from arguably the best grappler that UFC has ever seen. So, that’s what I’m going to do and then I’m going to go in there on December 16 and do whatever the f*ck I want to do when I’m in the fight because I can, that’s the truth.”           

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