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In a spectacular display, Isaac Chamberlain emerged as the undisputed British and Commonwealth Cruiserweight Champion! He showcased his supremacy with a unanimous decision victory (119-111, 118-111, 118-111) over the previously undefeated champ, Mikael Lawal. And the action wasn’t just in the ring – it was broadcasted live from the iconic York Hall, Bethnal Green on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Showcase for all the fans!

From the bustling streets of Brixton, Chamberlain had the steering wheel of this fight from the get-go. He didn’t just play; he orchestrated every move, reducing Lawal’s chances of transforming the bout into a gritty, rough showdown where Lawal’s overwhelming strength could have been a game-changer. Whether it was at a distance or up close, Chamberlain’s exceptional skills and smart tactics ensured the fight played out just as he envisioned.

Starting off with a powerful jab, Chamberlain maintained a strategic distance throughout the bout, which left Lawal searching for that perfect moment to unleash his knockout-power. But that moment never really came. Not only did Chamberlain master the technical aspects, but he also ruled the physical side, constantly challenging Lawal and draining his energy, minimizing his mighty blows.

To his credit, Lawal stayed in the game till the very end, showing some fire in the last few rounds. Most would’ve thrown in the towel after witnessing Chamberlain’s brilliant start. However, Chamberlain knew how to seal the deal, ensuring a win without any unwarranted hiccups during the fight’s entirety.

Having faced defeats only against future World Champions, tonight’s performance reaffirmed Chamberlain’s elite status in the packed British Cruiserweight division. Clocking in at 200lbs, he’s unquestionably among the best. As for what’s next on his journey, opponents better not underestimate this boxing maestro.

In a post-fight chat with Sky Sports, Chamberlain remarked, “Despite a short amateur career spanning nine fights, I kept pushing boundaries. Back in the day, battling low self-esteem, I always trusted my skills. Facing some minor issues leading up to this bout, it was a ‘do or die’ moment for me. So, all those upcoming fights? Bring ’em on!”

Night’s Results Recap:

Isaac Chamberlain Wins Over Mikael Lawal – UD (119-111, 118-111, 118-111)

Sam Gilley Overcomes Louis Greene – UD (117-110, 118-110, 166-111)

Joe Laws Outplays Michael Hennessy Jr – PTS (77-75)

Karriss Artingstall Triumphs Over Vanessa Bradford – RTD Rd 2 (2:00)

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