Khabib Nurmagomedov Reflects On Grueling UFC Weight Cuts, Explains Why He Wants To 'Experience' It Again

Ask any fighter what they are looking forward to the most at the end of their career and the answer will probably be no more weight cuts.

It’s a brutal and unforgiving part of the sport that is hard to imagine for fans, and even harder to watch a fighter go through. Weigh-in day was a particularly tough task for legendary former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

While he only ever missed weight on one occasion during his unbeaten run in the UFC, there was the UFC 209 drama, which saw him pull out of a fight against Tony Ferguson due to a weight cut-related illness.

During an interview recently uploaded to his YouTube channel, Nurmagomedov spoke about his experiences being a coach and teammate for other fighters now that he is retired from competition.

Watching as his fellow fighters go through their own weight-cut battles, “The Eagle” is sympathetic to the fight they are in before even making it to the Octagon.

“I go through all these emotions myself,” Nurmagomedov said. “When I see someone and I see how much they have left to cut, I empathize with them. I’ve been through it many times and I know what the person feels.”

Khabib Surprisingly Wants To ‘Experience’ Weight Cutting Again, Names ‘Toughest’ Of His Career

From the moment he retired, it quickly became clear why Nurmagomedov had such issues with his weight cuts over the year, with the Russian increasing in size very quickly.

Despite all of the issues it caused him, he stated that he would like to do it once more, purely for the unmatched feeling and experience that it puts a fighter through.

“Honestly, I want to experience it again,” Nurmagomedov admitted. “I think that an ordinary fan or enthusiast wouldn’t understand this. You can’t get these emotions anywhere else. You only feel them on that day, in that state. You can’t get such emotions anywhere else.”

Also in the interview, Nurmagomedov revealed which weight cut was the hardest of his career.

Naming his final fight at UFC 254, where he submitted Justin Gaethje and announced his retirement, the former champ said that knowing it was the last cut of his career made it the “toughest.”

“The last one. It was the toughest. I knew for myself that it was the last weight cut. I knew for myself that it I wouldn’t be in that weight class anymore. And I understood that it would never happen again. It was my last fight. I made the weight cut very well.”

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