Michael Bisping launches epic tirade about Misfits Boxing event

Misfits Boxing took place over the weekend in London, England and proved to be a highly produced train wreck.  Even the scorecards were incorrect.   

English boxer Tommy Fury faced YouTuber KSI in the main event and won via unanimous decision after incorrectly being announced as a majority decision.  WWE star Logan Paul took on Bellator MMA-signed Dillon Danis in the co-main event.  The fight ended in disqualification after Danis attempted to guillotine choke Paul in the final round.  A melee ensued between teams.  

After the event, KSI said that he was robbed by the judges and former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping went on a tirade about the event.  

“The dust has settled.  Misfits Boxing.  KSI versus Tommy Fury.  Dillon Danis, the Dildo, versus Logan Paul.  It’s all over,” said Bisping.

“KSI said this was a robbery, said it’s an absolutely robbery, and he’s right.  I agree. This was one of the worst robberies we have ever seen in combat sports because everyone that paid twenty quid and anyone that bought a ticket, they all deserve to get their money back.  They paid for a night of action.  They paid for boxing and what they got was an absolute sh*tshow, so yeah, it was a robbery.  One of the worst robberies that I have ever seen.  If you bought a ticket, put your appeal in right now because you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting it.  You’ve got a better chance that what KSI has of getting an appeal on that fight.”  

The event was a spectacle and it was designed to be.  The traditional boxing and MMA demographics are much younger with these type of events.  High school kids tuned in in droves.  

“Nobody got hurt.  They’re all young men.  Go on, live your lives but please, please do not pollute the sport of boxing any further,” said Bisping.  “I guess it’s good to raise the awareness of boxing but I don’t think any of the young people watching that are going to be converted into legit boxing fans.  When I looked to the press conference the other day the people sitting there, they’re all like 13, 14 years old.  They look up to these guys, the YouTubers, and they put them on a pedestal.  

“I’ve got to say, I was thoroughly entertained, maybe for all the wrong reasons”  

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