Mike Breeden says staph infection led to weight miss, hopes for new contract after UFC 294 upset of Anshul Jubli

Mike Breeden def. Anshul Jubli, UFC 294 (Craig Kidwell–USA TODAY Sports)

“That’s just me. If you go watch my local fights, I’m a little bit of a slow starter. I’ve got to get my reads. I figure out their timing, what their main combinations are, and then I just start building. And usually by the end of two (rounds), they know they’re in for it.

“The minute I started talking to him and pointing at him and pointing my finger down (and barking), that’s the sh*t I live for, man. Sorry about the words, but I’m here to entertain. That’s why I belong in the UFC, so I hope I get a (new contract). I had a rocky start, but look at the guys that I fought. I’m about that life, so keep me. Let’s get a re-sign.”

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