Mike Perry and Idris Virgo feud escalates further following heated confrontation

Although it seems his plan to step in for Dillon Danis should he not turn up could be dead in the water, Mike Perry has another potential matchup to worry about. 

As the Misfits Prime Card weigh-ins unfolded, the feud between Mike Perry and Idris Virgo ignited even further than it was prior. ‘Platinum’ threatened to give the man “brain damage” as he exchanged words with Virgo ahead of a potential fight somewhere down the line.

“In your own country, you ain’t sh*t. They know me more.” Said Perry during an intense disagreement with Virgo. “You’re a little p*ssy-ass b*tch, f*** you. F*** you, b*tch. You ain’t do sh*t. Twice you’ve been in my face and I told you to do something. F*** you, b*tch. I’ll f***ing kill you b*tch. I’ll give you brain damage you f***ing p*ssy. Do something then, b*tch.”

Rumors began circulating that Mike Perry and Idris Virgo could well strap on the boxing gloves and collide as a ‘Wild Card’ addition to the Prime Card on October 14.

Although nothing has been confirmed, with Perry being afforded creative freedom by his employer BKFC, it wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility to see the former UFC star feature on a Misfits event.

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Idris Virgo isn’t a well-known presence in the combat sports world but is an undefeated talent in the ring. With a record of 12-0-1, ‘The Bodybreaker’ is arguably best known for being a training partner of KSI. He also has some notable victories in the squared circle, beating two former Bellator men Aaron Chalmers and Anthony Taylor.

The Mike Perry and Idris Virgo feud seems to be getting out of hand

The aforementioned confrontation wasn’t the only time the two brawlers had to be separated, as they once again were involved in a face-off, this time getting much closer to one another. This happened after Virgo called out Perry, insisting he would knock the MMA fighter out. 

Perry released a video online which prompted a response from Virgo. The pro boxer took to social media to further fuel the fire between the two, insisting that if a fight doesn’t happen on the Misfits Prime card, he’d be willing to travel across the pond and face him in his own backyard.

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