Muhammad Naimov wants Alex Caceres or Edson Barboza next – and has particularly bad intentions for one after UFC 294

Muhammad Naimov def. Nathaniel Wood, UFC 294 (Craig Kidwell–USA TODAY Sports)

“Yesterday, what happened with me, only my coaches know, and my father knows, because he is here. When I cutting weight, I felt some sh*t. I never felt that before. My eyes got so dark. I felt really bad. And then at the night, after rehydration, I threw up a lot. Whatever I drank, I threw up. Whatever I ate, I threw up. I don’t know what’s going on with my body. And then my coach says, ‘Hey, Mohamed, we have to call your manager. We have to stop this fight.’ I said if you’re doing that, you’ll never see me again. I swear.

“I talked with my father. He’s here in Abu Dhabi. He said, ‘Listen: In your school time, you were always fasting and during the fasting, in the street fights, you always won. Nobody f*cking stopped you. Go and f*ck up this guy so bad. Just think like this: Don’t think you’re hurt. You threw up a lot. You didn’t recover good. Just go fight as much as you can and I will be proud of you. If you stop this fight, if you make some excuse, I will be really mad. This is my mentality. This is how I’m built. I’m not from the library. I fight hard.”

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