Sean O'Malley thinks the UFC should sign Dillon Danis

One week after Dillon Danis lost to Logan Paul via disqualification in a boxing match, he was released from his Bellator MMA contract.  On the same day, Danis twitted to UFC CEO Dana White, “We about to make a lot of money.”

In an interview with Peirs Morgan, Danis said that he wanted to fight in the UFC and prove that he can beat “all of them.”  

“After this, I’m going to the UFC. I want to go to the UFC. I think the UFC now will see my potential in selling fights and everything like that,” Danis said to Piers Morgan.  

“All this stuff I’ve ever said I’m willing to go prove it,” said Danis. “My jiu-jitsu’s too good for these guys.”

“I would fight all of them. I would fight Jon Jones. I’m not scared. I’ve done a lie detector test and it showed that I believe that. If you’re a fighter and you don’t believe that then you’re not a real fighter. I believe I can beat any man in the world. 

“I think these guys aren’t that good, and I’m willing to go prove that. Put me in the UFC and give me Islam [Makhachev] the first fight… Sign me. Let’s do it. Give me anybody that you want. Don’t send anybody that you want back. I’ll beat them all, and I want to prove what I’m saying is true. It pisses me off that people don’t believe in me.”

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley would like to see Danis inside the octagon and wants the fight promotion to sign him.  

“Why not sign him,” O’Malley said on his YouTube channel.  “Give him one fight.  Give him the hardest guy that you want.  That guy is either going to beat Dillon and gain a lot of eye balls, of Dillon wins and now you’ve got a star in the UFC.  I think it’s a win-win.  A one-fight deal.”

All of O’Malley’s co-hosts thought Danis loses to any ranked welterweight on the UFC roster.  Danis is 2-0 in Bellator MMA and both of his wins were by submission.  But the completion wasn’t all that solid.  He defeated Kyle Walker (2-5) in his Bellator debut by a toe-hold and beat Max Humphrey (3-3) by armbar.  Neither Walker or Humphrey have fought since their loss to Danis.  “El Jefe” hasn’t fought MMA since June 2019.  The Conor McGregor training partner is now a free agent.    

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