Sean Strickland apologizes for punching reporter, gives marital advice

Sean Strickland had an impromptu media scrum outside UFC headquarters, where he joked around with reporters. During the scrum, Strickland actually apologized for punching a reporter that was at the scrum from a previous encounter at Xtreme Couture Gym. He also asked someone at the scrum about being married for so long.

Sean Strickland and Izzy

Alexander Lattouf, MMA Weekly

The middleweight champ asked the individual if he was still intimate with his wife after having been married for so long. Then, Strickland offered up some advice to the man that he’ll surely never forget.

“Just checking,” Strickland said. “Because here’s the thing, dude. If you’re not having sex with your wife, your neighbor is having sex with your wife. So remember that.”

Strickland is one of the more prominent figures in mixed martial arts (MMA) at the moment. The veteran recently upset Israel Adesanya to capture the 185-pound throne this past September. It was a dominant victory that went all five rounds, which saw Strickland take home the title with a unanimous decision. Now that “Stylebender” has decided to take some time off, it remains to be seen who will challenge for the middleweight throne next.

In the meantime, the new champion will certainly continue to keep the MMA community amused with his regular antics.

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