Tony Soto Batters Kevin Croom After Being Sponsored By Tim Elliott To Beat His Ex-Wife's Alleged Love Interest

Tim Elliott has his own fight to worry about at UFC 294, but he will be walking away from the weekend with some sort of victory regardless. This comes after he sponsored a fighter to beat someone who caused him personal harm.

Heading into his UFC 294 bout with Muhammed Mokaev, Elliot is riding a two-fight winning streak. However, this success in the Octagon has come alongside difficulties outside the cage, with the flyweight veteran being open about the relationship issues he has been having, revealing that his ex-wife had allegedly cheated on him with his friend and teammate, Kevin Croom.

Tim Elliott Gets A Taste Of RevengeĀ 

Kevin Croom is no longer in the UFC, after dropping three straight in the promotion, and has since signed with BKFC, where he has had some success in his first few bouts. Although for his most recent contest, a 5-round bout against Tony “Loco” Soto, Tim Elliott decided that he was going to put some money against Croom by sponsoring Soto for the BKFC 52 contest.

In the end, this money from Elliott would go in the right direction. Croom would be bloodied and battered across five rounds, with Soto earning the unanimous decision nod, calling for a title shot immediately after.

This may not be the exact kind of retribution that Tim Elliott was hoping for, but there is no doubt he was happy to see the fight unfold this way. Only now, it will be interesting to see if this decision for him to sponsor the opponents of Kevin Croom will continue, or if this was a one-time thing.

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