Victor Henry Gives Classy Reaction To UFC 294 Low Blow Despite Opponent's 'Quit' Claim

Of all those who exited the Etihad Arena without a win at UFC 294 this past weekend, it’s perhaps safe to say that not many did it in as much pain as Victor Henry.

The 36-year-old bantamweight fighter appeared on the preliminary card on October 21, sharing the cage with highly touted prospect Javid Basharat. Unfortunately, while the pair’s matchup was seen as one of the most intriguing on the pay-per-view’s undercard, it ultimately didn’t get to play out.

That was owing to a brutal-looking low blow seconds into the second round that immediately left Henry writhing in agony on the canvas. 

After taking the recovery time, during which the cageside doctor attempted to tell him that the shot hadn’t landed low, “La Mongosta” was unable to continue and the fight was ruled a no contest.

Later in the broadcast, updates revealed the severity of the groin shot. After the first noted that Henry had been vomiting backstage, Megan Olivi later stated that the bantamweight had been transported to hospital for a testicular ultrasound. 

Henry Gives Health Update, Clears Basharat Of Blame

Days on from the disappointing result at UFC 294, Henry recently provided an update on his condition through his coach, former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett.

“La Mongosta” revealed that he avoided serious damage and has seen significant swelling start to go down. He also took time to address calls that some made for the bout to be ruled a disqualification victory in his favor. 

“A little update for you guys, doctors said no permanent damage to my pills but I’m gonna walk a little funny for a couple days,” Henry wrote. “Swelling has gone down a significant amount after sleeping with ice on my smooth criminals which isn’t very easy to do.

“For those of you calling for a DQ don’t be ridiculous. I don’t think my opponent had ill intentions to kick my nuts, he threw a legal strike that just so happen to hit an illegal spot. Totally not his fault, but that’s MMA,” Henry concluded.

Henry’s defense of Basharat comes despite the Afghan-born fighter’s consistent rants on social media, during which he accused his American counterpart of faking the injury and ‘quitting’.

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