Victoria Dudakova, Mike Breeden Admit To Lying To Doctors About Having Staph Infection At UFC 294, Win Fights Anyway

Victoria Dudakova managed to keep her undefeated record by defeating Jinh Yu Frey at UFC 294. However, she made some concerning admissions post-fight.

Dudakova brought a 7-0 record into the Octagon for her sophomore outing against Frey in the UFC’s return to Abu Dhabi. While she missed weight for the fight, the strawweight prospect added another win to her perfect record, scoring a unanimous decision after three rounds of action.

Victoria Dudakova Admits To Having Staph

Following the fight, Victoria Dudakova took to the post-fight press conference to discuss her performance. Here, she opened up about the issue that led to her missing weight, and it was apparently something quite serious.

According to Dudakova, she had been dealing with staph infection for several weeks, lying to the doctors in order to stay on the card, with assesses that opened up on her buttocks after the fight. This issue apparently resulted in her passing out during her weight cut, leading to the missed weight.

 “I have to tell you, this time around I wasn’t able to wrestle. I’ll explain why,” Dudakova said via a translator. “For the past month, I had staph infection. Actually, my back side, my butt is completely bloodied up right now. I have staph infection in places that is not necessarily okay to announce to the whole world. I was just fighting with the doctors over there, my manager was fighting with the doctors, because they just checked me after the fight and they said ‘Why didn’t you tell us before, because we would’ve had to take you off the fight,’ and I did not want to be taken off the fight.

“I did not drink any antibiotics because we knew that if I did drink the antibiotics, I wouldn’t be able to breathe in the Octagon,” the translator continued. “I think after the fight or sometime during the fight, there was an absess that appeared, and I think now it popped because everything is completely bloodied up.”

Mike Breeden Also Had Staph

As terrible as this was, Victoria Dudakova was not the only one to make this type of admission. Shortly after her post-fight interview, another fight made a similar confession.

Mike Breeden, who scored a massive TKO over the first Indian fighter in UFC history, Anshul Jubli, also spoke to media about having staph infection. He says he picked it up before traveling, which led to him also missing weight.

“I got staph infection. So I was on antibiotics,” Breeden said. “I had it when I left (for Abu Dhabi).”

Staph infection is one of the most serious issues that plagues combat sports, and is extremely easy to transmit. As such, it will be interesting to see if there are any repercussions that come from this decision for Victoria Dudakova and Mike Breeden to compete while infected.

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