Wild World of Fighting: Khamzat Chimaev Saving Jon Anik, Alex Pereira Adopting A Child, & More

Rise and shine fight fans, because it is time for the Wild World of Fighting, the only series that would never censor a Francis Ngannou t-shirt.

This week, we will wet your pallette for UFC 294 with some help from Khamzat Chimaev and Jon Anik, see the results of a child’s internet challenge, and more. Get your coffee brewing and enjoy the Wild World of Fighting.

Khamzat Chimaev Saves Jon Anik

While it is nothing like it was originally planned, UFC 294 will move forward as one of the biggest cards of the year. Both Islam Makhachev and Khamzat Chimaev found themselves taking short notice replacements atop the card, arguably taking tougher fights in both instances.

It turns out, there was almost another last-minute injury, albeit not among the fighters. Video surfaced of UFC play-by-play lead man Jon Anik hitting the treadmill next to Chimaev, where he slipped and almost took a massive L, only to be saved by the Chechen Wolf.

This very easily could have ended badly, but the day was saved by Khamzat Chimaev. Time will tell if he puts those skills to use in the Octagon, when he faces former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in the UFC 294 co-main event.

Equal Opportunity Beatdown

While we here at the Wild World of Fighting never shy away from spotlighting crazy street fight moments, we always do so with the caveat that this is not a practice we encourage people to engage in. After all, no matter how tough or what skills you have, you never know what can happen, or who else can join in on the fight.

A perfect example of this came recently, when dancing at a club turned into a scrap. Only, the guy throwing punches held nothing back, letting the hands fly on everyone in sight, knocking three people out cold, and dropping more.

There are not a lot of people who can tell a story of knocking out three people with one punch each, but occasionally someone comes along that actually makes it happen. These are the kinds of things that you only believe when you see it.

This Kid Is Heading To Thailand

The internet is a crazy place that can sometimes come together in the most unexpected ways to do something insane. Viral moments are created at times, that transcend the differences that each person has, bringing various communities together for a singular purpose.

Such was the case when a 7th grader managed to meet and surpass his goal of getting to 200k followers on Instagram, promising that he would do whatever the top comment on one of his videos says when he reaches that goal. Little did he know, that this comment would break an apparent world record for the most liked comment on the platform, resulting in him having to take on the following challenge:

“Fly to small town in thailand, get accepted by their people, learn the language, train in muy thai for a year and half, fight in a tournament, win the tournament, return to the USA and join the UFC, stay in shape and go undefeated in your weight class, retire and do an interview saying this comment was the reason you fought so hard…..”

This comment amassed a whopping 2.5 million likes, apparently the most any comment has ever received on Instagram. Not only that, but even the UFC account responded, promising to see young Reed Harrington soon enough. 

via Instagram @reed_harrington23

Time will tell if this young man will live up to his word and take up combat sports. If so, this will certainly be one of the craziest paths to gold ever taken.

Kabaddi? More Like Kabadass

The Wild World of Fighting is a vast and intricate place, full of many kids of styles outside of the mainstream sports. There are so many examples of other forms of unarmed combat, which are not known to the vast majority of people, but still offer some incredible skill and technique.

Slap kabaddi is a type of sport found in parts of India, which is something of a slap wrestling competition with extreme physicality being used. As the following video shows, when performed at the highest levels, this sport produces some of the most insane fears of athleticism you will ever see.

Now, I won’t pretend to know the rules and mechanics of how this game is played, or whether or not there are better competitors than this man. That said, this is a way better sport than slap fighting.

Alex Pereira Adopts A Child

For someone so serious looking on the outside, former UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira has proven himself to have a surprisingly hilarious side to him as well. While he has been made akin to the Stonehenge emoji for his hard-as-rock stare into his opponent’s souls, he also manages to play pranks and have moments that bring smiles to the faces of those around him.

Now it seems that Pereira has adopted a child that manages to bear a strong resemblance to him. He posted to Instagram recently, holding this newborn in his arms, where the similarities are put on full display.

This was a hilarious moment of acceptance from Alex Pereira, who seems to be fully embracing his comparisons to ol’ stone head. Then again, they don’t call him “Hands of Stone” for nothing.

That does it for this week’s Wild World of Fighting. Come back next time to see what other bizarre and insane oddities we will come across next.

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